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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

There are kings and there is a King. In my life, I have been blessed to meet four different kings. Two are in the picture in this article. The first King I met was in 1969, which I will speak of later. The second king I met was in 1996 and was in the deep bush country of Nigeria. Prior to entering the throne room, I realized that the small children in the village have never seen a white man. The small child who screamed in terror was an indication of that fact. After a few pleasantries with the village elders, I was invited to enter the king’s throne room. I followed the instructions and went in first. The other men with me (4 in total) followed me in. What I did not see were the men bowing before the king in respect, honor, and cultural protocol. What I did was very American (and very wrong). I stuck my hand out to shake the king’s hand. I stood tall and proud to be an American invited to meet such an important person. He looked at me, he did not extend his hand, and he did begin to laugh. He pointed to the men bowing but motioned for me to remain standing. Could I be beheaded now that I have made a fool of myself and disrespected the king? I hoped the laugh was forgiveness to my stupid Americanism ways. It was… thank the Lord.

The third king I met was in 2014. This opportunity, with my wife, allowed us to meet the king and queen of Oko, Kwara State, Nigeria (see the photo). We were in Nigeria with 12 other church members holding a sports camp and helping in the clinic in the village. We also got to visit an orphanage and meet the Governor of the Kwara State. This wonderful king blessed the work we were going to do in the village and presented me with a gift (the handmade Nigerian drum). The week we spent in Oko, was a blessing and it was beneficial to all of us visitors to have the support of the local government. The fourth king I met, was also in 2014. On this occasion, my wife and I were with the king and queen of Oko when he presented to Pam and me a certificate that proclaimed that Pam and I were honorary king and queen for the day. So, I am the 4th king. I get to look in the mirror every day and remind myself, that I was once a king. You did not know you knew royalty… did you? How blessed you are.

The King I first met, in 1969 (I was 9 years old), was King Jesus. Now, I have yet to see Him with my physical eyes, but the eyes of my heart (Ephesians 1:8) have seen. I do not have to travel the world to spend time with Jesus. I can do that right here… right now.

You may never meet an earthly king but you can meet the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. He wants to meet you. I wonder what I will do that day? Will I bow?

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