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The Christian Sabbath is upon us today,

Across our land church goers make their way.

To the church of choice to fellowship sweet,

To take the time to worship at Jesus’ feet.

A day we set aside to worship and rest.

A day set aside to be reminded how blessed,

We are as His people, undeservingly so,

Because of His love which ceases to flow.

For me my Sabbath is out of my norm,

I sit at my desk in some fashion or form.

The times we face have dealt another hand,

We canceled the service, set aside all plans.

The health of the people is priority one.

It’s time to encourage for God’s only Son,

My audience is captive in comfortable rooms,

Such be the norm... until we resume.

Prayers are welcome as we traverse this path,

We remain blessed with all we does hath.

Though I miss church when it must be closed.

It will open again, very soon and unopposed.

Grateful for a company where people come first,

And one that supports the canceled being reversed.

Our Sabbath time may be different than most,

Its importance to us all, is still the upmost.

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