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Every Sunday is a Happy Sunday at Arbutus. Yesterday's time together was made sweeter due to having to miss a few3 Sundays, I know we see each other in the hallways and rooms, but in the context of gathering for church, this hour on Sunday makes the whole day better. From the preparation to the closing down... it is simply wonderful.

I am hoping that we do not have any more days off. That we can continue to move forward and experience even greater things each week.

Here is where I need you. If your church has a choir (senior, children, youth...) and you would like to see them sing to the residents on a Sunday, let me know. I will make contact and see if we can set some things up.

I have a few contacts I need to make and now that we are back to meeting, I believe it is a good time to begin scheduling some special music times. So, if you can check with those in your church who head up such ministries, speak to them and then let me know.

In Dubai, we had a great music ministry. Near the end of my time there, I asked four men to get with me and learn a song or two. These wonderful men of God agreed and I got them working on a Gaither Vocal Band song. Below is a YouTube video of them singing together after only two evenings of practice. From left to right these men are from -- Peter, Ghana -- Sunil, India -- Patrick, Nigeria -- Dain, Jamaica. I hope you take time to enjoy the song.

As a career Pastor/Missionary the Lord's day has always been one of the top three things I looked forward to each week. When those get shifted, so does my heart. I, literally, have an emotional chuck of my enthusiasm removed. I want to share God's Word. I want to encourage others. I want to gather with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and graze over God's Word together. Let me share, in closing, yesterday's message points.

Mark 4:35-41 - Jesus calms the storm...

1 - Before the storm hits make sure you are traveling with Jesus

2 - As you travel with Jesus, know that storms will occur

3 - In the Storm - Follow Jesus's example

- be at rest

4 - In the Storm, learn from His actions

- rebuke the problem

- Enjoy the peace

5 - In the Storm, make your choice

- Fear

- Faith

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