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Every church should have one and if they don't, they need to go out and find one. Lefty is the man in the green polo. This photo was taken in 2014 in our Mission Trip from Kannapolis, NC to Oko, Kwara State - Nigeria. On this day we, as a group, visited one of the many orphanages in the country. When we were not doing day trips, we were operating a sports camp at TAICO. We also visited the medical clinic and the children's schools in Oko. In these areas, we focused on encouraging those hurting and abandoned.

If you wonder how a church in Kannapolis NC connects with a school in Nigeria, well... I was the first principal at TAICO back in 1997.

Back to Lefty. Lefty is never short on words and always ready to visit, be missional, encourage this pastor and others. He gave of himself to those in need. Lefty served as a Deacon and was an excellent Bible teacher. Lefty went with me to share the gospel with many in our neighborhood (doing FAITH). We traveled to Cuba, to the NE (3 time to Altoona). You could count on Lefty to man the grill when church picnics were being held. His sweet wife Brenda (I can still see her rolling her eyes at Lefty) was a model wife and mother.

I could always depend on Lefty having his welcoming smile and a word of grace (with humor) ready to share when I encountered him. I thank God for Lefty and I am a better person for knowing him. You would be to... if you knew him. Some might even say Lefty is opinionated. No more than the rest of us - and that's my opinion.

My life lesson from Lefty is to always be engaged and always be thankful to Christ for His salvation. Lefty... You are one of the good ones.

Enjoy a couple of other photos from mission endeavors.

TOP -- Nigeria LOWER -- Cuba

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