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It is my hope to each Friday (when I am at the computer) to post a photo and a back story of that photo. There will no strategy on how the photos are chosen, except as I scroll through them and one jumps out to me at that moment. I will only be choosing photos from my computer or Facebook library. Most likely ones I took or ones I asked someone to take. Most will have been posted on Facebook prior but I will bring them forward to be reminded how long God has blessed our lives with so many people from around the world. So, I hope you enjoy some of the blessings from my journey.

Today’s flashback is one of the early baptisms we had at EBCI. After the service we went to Prince Beach on the Persian Gulf and celebrated God doing a great work in the lives of Miriam B (Philippines) and Lovert (Cameroon). Lovert’s brother, Soloman, is standing beside him. My wife is standing beside Miriam. The handsome and debonair young man in the middle is me. The waves were not high this day, but they were a bit rough. This just made the moment more memorable. Miriam now lives in Singapore with her husband and three girls. Lovert is single and still working in Dubai.

FLASHBACK -- I remember the many baptisms we had while we were in Dubai. This photo reminds me of the faithfulness of God in His saving the lost in spite of our feeble attempts in throwing seed. It causes me to praise Him again and again that He is a global God who calls us to be a global people. It causes me to want to catch a plane and go back into the world, outside of America where the Christians are not as plentiful, but the hunger for Truth is evident.

In my memories, I can clearly see Miriam’s two girls around the villa where we held church services. Where her youngest would have nothing to do with me. I see them in AWANA, learning scripture. I see them growing up away from extended family but having parents who showered their love on them. Miriam was always sharing her beautiful smile and encouraging words with me. Lovert was trying to get his feet planted and struggled to make ends meet but remaining faithful in trusting God for what would come. He always told me, with a I love Jesus smile on his face, that he was praying for me. Any Pastor would be blessed to have church members like Miriam and Lovert. Members who love Jesus and it shows. Members who would intentionally find you to share a good word, being a Barnabas in your life.

A salty tear or two slide down my face as I type these thoughts to share with who might read. This tears are for many reasons. Let me just state some of them…

1. God has continuously brought people of great faith into my life

2. God continues to save those who are lost and lets me be a part of His process

3. I miss my Dubai family

4. I know God still wants to use me, though at times I wonder how and why

WOW! I am wondering if I will be able to do this weekly and get through it without so much emotion. Probably not. Lastly, these flashbacks will not always be about the Dubai chapter in my life, but they will consume a lot of the space.

Leave a comment and think back to the God blessings in your life. Thank Him again for them.

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