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Dare I post this...

Where do I go? What do I do?

Questions my mind is going through.

One day I am flying above the clouds,

The next I'm hiding from the crowds.

Is this normal? Am I confused?

Would like to know, am I bemused?

Life makes no sense as I watch it pass,

Everything, everywhere seems so crass.

The only thing I can find in the madness,

That which turns sadness… into gladness.

Is knowing the One who knew no sin,

Who conquered death my soul to win.

Find freedom from the shackles you wear,

Seek Jesus for the burdens you bear.

I wish it were as easy as saying it sounds,

I wish I didn’t find myself so confound.

I am broken and burdened then find a spin,

I repent and mean it - then go sin again.

May God forgive me in my messed-up ways,

May I get serious in my trust and obey.

If it were up to me, I'd be eternally lost,

Yet, He chose me with the greatest of costs.

His Son, through dying, washed my sins all away,

Yet, I busy myself and so often do not pray.

Forgive me I plead… He’s heard it at times before,

May my life shine bright for the One I do adore.

May I let go of that which is keeping me back,

May I cling to Him and pray for no setback.

I am loved, though it makes no sense at all,

I am yours today… my Jesus… my Lord… my All.

Where do I go? – To Jesus!

What do I do – Whatever He says!

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